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 Official Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Official Clan Rules   Official Clan Rules EmptyMon Feb 07, 2011 2:38 pm

1. New Recruits/Recruiting:

1. All new memberships must be passed by the "Elder Members". Until that point, they will only be considered a "F3AR Supporter".
Do Not Join Other Clans - No member may join, apply to join or hold a tryout with any other clan with out first resigning from [F3AR]. Nor may any player join this clan while holding membership status in another clan.

2. We will not induct a member that may have conflicts with an already existing member.

3. If a conflict exists, it is hopeful that it will come up. At that time, the necessary measures will be taken. If you fit into our "member" type, this should never be a problem.

4. New recruits will be given necessary information to set up there Profile and Edit there Forum profile promptly. Once it is agreed that a "prospect" is welcome to join they should begin wearing the clan tag [F3AR].

2. Gaming:

1. Clan members should show proper game etiquette at all times.

2. They should always portray excellent sportsmanship in their online gaming. Remember, every loss is a lesson, which may help you learn "not" to lose, in the future.

3. Camping - "The act of staking out a spot in the game, remaining there at all times, and prohibiting other players from access to that spot/area.

4. Unless you are a Sniper "camping" should be considered inappropriate by all members.

5. Weapon Use - Different games have different guns, and usually in each game there is a gun or two that is widely considered inappropriate because of its ability to disrupt the flow of the game.

6. Please shy away from these weapons as they become known to you. You are not prohibited from them, however please show good judgment and do not "abuse" them.

Randomly switch your weapons, you become a better player if you can use everything.
Try using an enemy gun after killing them. You won't regret it, unless it's a pistol or ballistic knife "DOH"

7. Cheats/Glitches/etc - Do we need to say it? When we play people, we want to be playing fair, not someone using cheats to give themselves an edge.

8. Cheating WILL be grounds for immediate expulsion from the clan. We will NOT tolerate it

9. In turn, if you are playing individuals that you do not believe are playing fairly, then bow out of the game in a distinguished manner. Make a note of the individual you feel was cheating, and simply avoid game play with that individual in the future by making him an avoided player through his Xbox Live Gamercard

10. If you are getting your #$% handed to you, do not accuse anyone of cheating hastily; some people really ARE that good!

11. Lag - Hey, we all experience it and we all hate it. Remember this when you are experiencing intolerable problems with lag, just tell everyone "my connection sucks" and try looking for another game. Most players don't want to hear anyone continually whine about their connection problems.

12. Game End - A quick, sportsmanlike "Good Game" is usually always appropriate at the end of a game. Whether it was actually a "Good Game" for you or not, this is generally good etiquette.

3. Clan Tags:

1. Clan tags will be worn at ALL times when playing NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. When playing on non [F3AR] games try to represent [F3AR] in a positive way. Follow other game rules at all times.

Consequences for disregarding [F3AR] Code of Conduct:

1. In the event a member has been determined to have been in breach of [F3AR] rules/policies (including, but not limited to, Rules of Engagement), the following may occur depending on the situation.

2. Nothing: Such member may be exonerated of all alleged actions.

3. A Warning: A warning may be issued. Three (3) warnings will result in immediate expulsion. This immediate expulsion is not subject to voting, as described below. (There is no set "expiration date" for "Warnings" but Clan Leadership reserves the right to disregard previous "Warnings" at their discretion. In the event such discretionary action is taken, explanation is expected.

4. Immediate Expulsion: [F3AR] is a tolerant bunch, unless one has received 3 "Warnings" expulsion is not likely; however in extreme circumstances, immediate expulsion is possible. Immediate expulsion, when proposed, will be done by a "Vote" of as many active clan members as possible.
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Official Clan Rules
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