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 Official Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Official Forum Rules   Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:14 pm

This is the color code of which rule you violate your punishment will be the following:

Black - Permanent Ban (Account)
Brown - Infraction with however points depending on how severe the violation of the rule
Red - Seven Day Suspension
Pink - One Day Suspension
Blue - Warning issued with a possible set suspension depending on how severe the violation of the rule
Green - Warning Given
Orange - Very minor possible warning given depending on how severe the violation of the rule

1. Do not use any foul language
2. Do not bump really old threads
3. Do not use misleading subject titles. (e.g. "Hey look it's my mom naked lol", but then the actual post you made has nothing to do with it)

1. Signature is offensive - too large - contains inappropriate material
2. Flame/Spam
3. Talking back to the Administrators/Moderators
4. Excessively making threads to gather attention
5. Spamming on member's visitor walls

1. Do not discuss any illegal content or activities
2. Do not flame or leave abusive comments
3. Do not spam
4. Do not advertise for something related to modding/hacking
5. Do not post websites that may harm other users computers
6. Do not bully individuals. (e.g. having a picture of some person and then posting it on the site with an insult)
7. Do not scam, this includes trying to sell something that would usually be free
8. No posting to shock sites (websites such as meatspin)

1. Do not abuse caps lock unless you are actually yelling at your screen
2. Do not beg (e.g. Asking for invites to other sites)

1. Do not create multiple threads for the same thing
2. Do not post viruses. If you are unsure whether what you are scanning is a virus, scan it at
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
3. Do not question about administrators/moderators actions taken on the forum or spam them with image macros because you can't handle that you were punished with good reason.
4. Do not post or link to any pornographic pictures
5. Do not post links to any illegal content, this includes download links such as warez

1. Do not phish in any form, this includes linking to websites that steal information etc...

1. Do not register just to spam our site
2. Do not create another account to avoid your suspension*

* If you have created an account and got suspended on another - those accounts will be suspended if caught using

If you are attempting to violate or even slightly break a rule, we will use any means necessary to justify your suspension

Lastly, if you are concerned about 'Freedom of Speech', you must follow the rules given to you. You cannot violate any of these rules and get away with it. Moderators will follow and successfully take care of the violation.

Account creation is to be done once by a member. Not over and over to avoid your suspension, if you violate the rule, you are not welcome here. You will be permanently suspended on all accounts.

If we are missing anything important P.M. me so I can add it.

Just a note it only takes 5 warnings to get a 7 day suspension, after that it only takes one maybe two warnings to get another 7 day suspension, and if you keep violating the rules then it will come to a permanent ban.

These forum rules were pulled and edited from Game Tutorials if you have any questions pertaining to these rules P.M. me so I can sort it out
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Official Forum Rules
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